How does Video Sharing help in getting backlinks?

After already going through the benefits of photo sharing to get backlinks, need I mention the importance of sharing the self created videos on your website (given that it works the same way)? It does not only get you backlinks, but also contributes to build your brand presence and hence, increasing your visibility. How? Read on to know more!
Benefits of sharing videos


Well, you might have always heard that Youtube is the second best search engine now. Why do you think users love videos over text?
This is why:

  • Not everybody is comfortable reading long copies. So by using videos, you might be attracting or driving some receptive audiences to your website.
  • Videos are compatible to be easily seen on any kind of device (smartphones, tablets, laptop etc) and are therefore, mobile.
  • They are easy to share on social media platforms.
  • Videos give a personal touch for the users.

So you see, these are the reasons that justify the use of videos for sharing and gathering links.
Casey Henry at Moz said, “Having a video compared to just text will almost triple the average number of linking domains”
A study said, “A video is worth 1.8 million words”
Videos are signs of brevity and also signal the intent that you want to communicate something valuable.
Additionally, if you optimize your videos correctly they are most likely to show up in the Google Video search results.
Ways you could get video backlink

Basically there are three ways you could get video backlinks:

  • Creating a video and submitting it to video sharing sites

This is one of the easiest ways to harness video backlinks. You can create a video, embed it on your website and submit to any of the sites which are cited below (the sites where you are allowed to submit the videos). Now these videos that you create an be on any of the following lines:

Talking on a controversial topic.
Interviewing a renowned expert in your niche.
Tutorials or ‘how to’ videos.
Videos are viral in nature and can really help you in acquiring quality backlinks. Anyway, once you submit your videos to these sites, you can also get a backlink from your video to your website.

  • Comment on other existing videos

When you comment on videos on Youtube, Vimeo etc, you usually include your link in the signature. This will therefore, give you a backlink from the video site. This is similar to posting blog comment. You need to remember, you can’t just post crap for the sake of it. Make sure that you go through the video

  • Creating a profile on the video sites

This is another way for getting video backlinks. You can simply create your profiles on each of the important video sites and can include your link in it.
Are you sincerely following the SEO guidelines while uploading and sharing your videos?

Of course, before sharing and uploading your videos at different places, you first need to create a good quality video. And, there are certain SEO requirements that you should follow in order to make your videos rank on Google Video search results, Youtube and other video sites:

  • Effective use of keywords

Keywords have always been the best element when it comes to optimizing. But you should play safe with this. Including keywords in the title, description or tags of your videos is helpful for the bots to understand as to what the video is about. But, make sure your keywords look natural. This calls for a little keyword research.
But you would want to make sure that the keywords that are making your videos rank on Youtube are also making you rank on Google Video search results.

  • Eye-catching title

Have a title which stands out of the crowd. Make sure you include (just include, don’t overdo it) your important keywords to help the bots.

  • Thorough description

This is especially important when you host your videos on Youtube. Its bots cannot watch the videos so it is very important to tell the bots as to what the video is about through a thorough description. This is another place where you could make use of your keywords efficiently.

  • Tags

You should use tags to signal the bots about the categorization of your videos. While doing this, think from your users point of view and use those terms as additional tags for your videos.

  • Sitemaps and Schema

Create a separate Sitemap for videos and help the bots know about it to get it indexed. is an HTML markup that provides additional information to the bots about your videos and ensure that you have an optimized video.
List of sites where you could submit your videos

Here, we present you the top 5 websites where you could submit your videos:

  • Youtube
  • Vimeo
  • Viddler
  • 5min

If you have any video hosting sites in mind other than this, please let us know about the same too.